"No dog whose behavior is understood will need to be given up.
He will remain in your home for life."

Alan Papszycki is a third generation dog trainer, behaviorist and founder of the Sanctuary. One of his goals is to educate the public about canine behaviors, and so prevent many of the problems that brought some of the animals to us. It’s much better to train your dog to behave acceptably around people and other animals, than to have a dog that ends up being abandoned or destroyed.

Canine Behaviors:
— Dogs think like dogs, not humans
— How to read body language
— How to communicate with your dog

Check back for more educational pieces about behavior published on this site. He hopes that through education, the need for sanctuaries will be eliminated.

Behavior Topics


A Show of Thanks 
Alan Papszycki, founding director
of Spirit Animal Sanctuary, has personally saved
the lives of approximately 500 dogs.
To view a sampling of letters received
from rescue organizations and individuals,
please click here.

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